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Strengthening the Core – A Key Component of Pain Management Programs

Your core consists of several muscles such as the transversus abdominus, multifidus, diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles. These muscles work to help you carry out any movement. Exercises to strengthen core muscles are a crucial component of pain management programs in New York City health care centers. Core exercises are especially useful when it comes to alleviating low back pain...

How Weight Loss Programs Help to Beat Obesity

A weight loss program is designed specially for obese people who fail to reduce their weight in spite of heavy workouts and rigorous diets. Obesity or the accumulation of excess fat in a person’s body can create serious health issues such as...

How Smoking Cessation Programs Can Bring Constructive Changes to Your Life

Smoking cessation is the process of discontinuing tobacco smoking. If you are looking for an effective solution to quit smoking, a reliable healthcare center in Brooklyn, New York could help. Smoking is a habit that is very difficult to break. Most people start smoking when they are in their teens and are addicted by the time they reach adulthood. People smoke for different reasons. Smoking can lead to many serious illnesses such as heart diseases, lung cancer, stroke, high blood …

Chiropractic Treatment – Works Best for Low Back Pain [Infographic]

Back problems are common complaints, and can be caused by everything from strained muscles to bulging discs. People seeking relief from low back pain have many alternatives to choose from. Chiropractic care is a popular and effective alternative treatment for people suffering from back pain...

Getting Your Body Ready for Some Springtime Running

Its springtime and it’s that time of the year when thoughts of fun under the sun come to mind. It’s when you want to move out of your indoor hibernation and head outdoors. It’s also a great time to start exercising, not in the gym but out in the open. There’s hardly a better exercise for burning those stubborn calories than running, and there’s hardly anything out there to beat running in the open.

In fact, when you run on …

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