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Various Treatment Modalities to Reduce Back and Neck Pain

Rehabilitation services in Brooklyn, NYC are specially designed to alleviate pain, thus helping you get back to a healthy and active lifestyle. If you are experiencing severe back or neck pain due to an injury, a medical condition, or surgery, then you can obtain effective treatment from a reliable healthcare and rehabilitation center in Brooklyn, NYC that provides physical rehabilitation services to restore your range of motion and improve flexibility. Today, nearly 80 percent of Americans experience back pain at …

Nonsurgical Treatment Modalities Available for Foraminal Stenosis

Foraminal narrowing (foraminal stenosis) is a condition of the spine that causes pain, discomfort and other irritating complications resulting from the narrowing of the cervical disc space. Nonsurgical pain management services are available in Brooklyn, NYC to effectively treat the condition.

The condition causes neck and shoulder pain that radiates down into the arms. Foraminal stenosis affects both men and women, usually those who are over 50. It may occur in younger people who are born with a small foraminal …

Why Physicians Should Rethink Bias about Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

The basis of chiropractic treatment is a spinal adjustment to correct neurological impingement that can lead to many health issues, especially back pain. However, medical doctors are wary of recommending this alternative therapy to their patients. In an article published recently in the New York Times, a physician and professor of pediatrics questions this bias and cites evidence that supports chiropractic care as being an effective option for back pain management.

According to the physician, spinal manipulation should be …

Various Treatment Options for Common Sports Injuries

Sports injuries occur when playing sports or exercising and are caused by accidents, poor training practices or improper gear. Some people get injured when they are not in proper physical condition. Not warming up or stretching enough before you play or exercise can also lead to injuries. Sports injuries treatment in Brooklyn, NYC in a reliable health care center can improve your flexibility, restore your mobility and strength and help you return to your activity...

What Are Meniscus Tears and How to Treat Them

Meniscus tears are common injuries affecting the knee. Athletes usually encounter this condition. It is an injury to the meniscus, which is a disc cushioning the knee. These are two menisci, one each at the outer and inner edge of the knee. Without the menisci it would be hard to ensure your knee is steady, since it is the menisci that help balance the weight of your body across the knee. With a torn meniscus, the knee doesn’t work the …

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