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Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Back pain is a condition that is as common in the United States as the headache. It can be most debilitating, eating into your productivity and even making you miss work altogether. However, the situation needn’t be totally bleak, because physical therapy has proven to be an effective form of therapeutic treatment for musculoskeletal ailments like back pain. Physical therapy can reduce the intensity of back pain, and restore lost mobility by relieving the stressed back and strengthening the body. Patients suffering from chronic back pain have found immense relief after undergoing physical therapy.

Techniques Applied in Physical Therapy

Back pain can be easily triggered by strains, injuries or accidents to the muscle, tendons, ligaments or spine. Physical therapists would evaluate the patient’s condition and provide effective treatment with any of the following techniques: 

  • Myofascial Release – eliminates back pain and increases range of motion by working directly on the restricted fascia.
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation – stimulates production of endorphins for relieving pain naturally.
  • Traction Procedure –  reduces cervical, lumbar radiculitis as well as muscle spasm
  • Ice or Heat Compressions – reduces muscle spasm and inflammation
  • Ultrasound –  treats soft tissue injuries of the back
  • Exercise Programs – strengthens the back and increases flexibility
  • Massage – relieves stress of the back muscles and minimizes discomfort

 Your physical therapist will develop an individualized treatment plan to help you attain a speedy recovery. However, physical therapy may not always be an alternative for surgery. In serious cases, patients may have to undergo surgical intervention as the final remedy.

 Lasting Relief from Debilitating Pain

 Physical therapy can provide lasting relief from debilitating back pain and improve the patient’s quality of life by keeping the body fit and supple. If performed regularly as advised by the physiotherapist, patients can live independently without being completely dependent on others. However, one must not delay seeking treatment as pain can aggravate and affect other parts of the body.

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