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Pain Management for Spinal Cord

Excruciating pain of the spinal cord may reduce the functional capabilities of the body, hinder the ability to work and lead an independent life. Sports injuries, accidents, falls and a host of other factors can cause trauma which may require immediate medical attention. Fortunately, one needn’t suffer throughout life as there are effective pain management techniques for the spinal cord.

The pain is all the more severe in the spinal region than the rest of the body primarily because it houses major nerves that relay sensory impulses to the brain. Spinal cord and back pain are two different conditions, and can be acute or chronic.

A detailed diagnosis can help physicians identify the problem and provide apt treatment. However, the first step towards pain management is alleviating chronic or acute pain which may be traumatizing the patient. A physician may adopt any of the following to serve the purpose:

  • Medication in the form of analgesics, NSAIDs, muscle relaxants and anti-convulsants
  • Exercises – to help improve restricted movement of the body
  • Manual techniques
  • Massage – relieving pain and smoothening the affected area by stimulating the flow of blood and relaxing the muscles
  • TENS Units – Low voltage electricity stimulates the brain to block pain signals
  • Radiofrequency radio ablation
  • Prolotherapy
  • Trigger point injections

Early pain management measures for the spinal cord can minimize damage to the nervous system and restore proper body function. Physicians stress on this aspect because acute pain can aggravate and become chronic, which can be difficult to treat in the later stages. There are many medical facilities in the US which provide quality care and treatment. Physiatrists, psychiatrists, neurologists and other specialists work together and develop an individualized treatment plan to help patients make a speedy recovery.

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