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Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Centers in New York City

Physical therapy rehabilitation centers in New York City provide a comprehensive range of therapeutic treatment for ailments relating to the musculoskeletal system. Some of the renowned hospitals, healthcare centers and clinics employ only licensed practitioners with high levels of experience. Their ‘hands-on’ techniques are proven to provide relief to patients who complain about pain in various parts of their body.

Conditioning Exercises and Pain Relieving Modalities

Physiotherapists here help patients with limited range of motion undergo conditioning exercises that help to mobilize the joints, strengthen the body and enhance endurance. Myofascial release ensures relief from pain arising from contracted muscles, increases blood circulation and stimulates the stretch reflex of muscles. Some of the most modern modalities for stress and pain relief are used today that would restore the smooth functioning of the body. Some of them are transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), ultrasound, traction, electrotherapy and more.

Complex medical conditions such as arthritis; amputation; hip, knee, ankle and shoulder dysfunction; sports or work-related injuries; spinal disorders or neuromuscular conditions are now treated with advanced physical therapy techniques. Conventional form of treatment is still in practice for mild pain, soreness, muscle spasm, swelling and inflammation as it is found to provide considerable relief.

The treatment provided is for all ages that require short term as well as long term treatment protocol. Specialists not only focus on treating injuries and restoring health but also look into preventive aspects. They would undertake a counseling session with patients that would educate them on how to prevent relapses and ways to live a proper, healthy and active lifestyle.

A Systematic and Complete Evaluation

Patients who seek effective treatment at physical therapy rehabilitation centers in New York City undergo a systematic and complete evaluation. This helps the doctors to attain a clear picture of the patient’s physical status such as the level of mobility and reflex, strength and sensation, extent of pain and factors resulting in the condition. Physiotherapists then formulate a treatment plan that is aimed at providing fast relief and speedy recovery. The treatment is always provided in a safe and comfortable environment ensuring individualized attention.

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