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Physical Therapy Treatment for Sports Injuries

Sports injuries affect a number of athletes, both men and women alike. Pain is involved in all injuries that occur while playing games. Studies at the U.S Naval Academy have revealed that sports injuries most commonly occur due to repetitive and excessive use of muscles and bones.

An athlete who is suffering from a sports injury can be effectively treated using physical therapy, one of the effective methods that facilitate speedy recovery and helps athletes to quickly return to sports. Activities like football, baseball, tennis, swimming, and weight training are likely to cause injuries. With physical therapy, various sports injuries including rotator cuff tendonitis, shoulder injuries, jumping/cutting/landing injuries, running injuries, fractures, head injuries, neck injuries and tennis injuries can be treated.

Physical therapy is a hands-on treatment procedure used for treating musculoskeletal dysfunction. This effective treatment plan works well to maintain and enhance fitness, health and quality of life. The physical therapy treatment program makes the body strong and increases the blood flow to the affected areas. This is ideal to promote your healing process.

Physical therapy treatment for sport injuries includes a variety of modalities such as hot packs, cold packs, electrical stimulation and ultrasound to heal the injured tissue. In addition, medical massage is incorporated in the physical therapy treatment plan to increase overall circulation and achieve the best possible health. In a healthy lifestyle, the physical therapy treatment administered for sports injuries helps to

  • Decrease pain
  • Increase function by restoring your physical abilities
  • Prevent further injuries

The physical therapists who know to manage pain through physical therapy sessions will treat the patients for about 30 minutes. Depending on the severity of the injury, the physical therapy treatment program varies.

Physical therapy treatment for sports injuries is the best option for athletes who wish to return to their normal sports activities soon. Physical therapists can also give tips on preventing further injuries.

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