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Chiropractic Care and Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Chiropractic care is a field of holistic medicine dealing with the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions affecting one or more parts of the body. Pain emanating from the shoulder but not limited to the neck, back, arms, joints and legs are best treated by an experienced chiropractor.

Drugless and Non-surgical Treatment

Shoulder pain is very common among all age groups. It may result from an injury, dislocation, instability, stiffness, inflammation or certain neurological disorders. Contrary to conventional forms of treatment, chiropractic care involves a natural approach and doesn’t rely on the use of drugs or for that matter surgery.

Since the nervous system controls the function of various organs, nerves, cells and tissues; the correction of a misaligned spine or subluxation can solve the problem of the shoulders. A chiropractor achieves this by spinal manipulation technique which is a hands-on treatment that applies a short, gentle thrust to a vertebra and also focuses on the clavicle (collarbone), the humerus (upper arm) and the scapula (shoulder blade).

Soft tissue mobilization and massage also relieves excessive stress and pressure on the nerves giving an almost immediate sensation of relief by promoting the natural healing process of the body. Additional benefits include better blood circulation and proper delivery of oxygen and nutrients in the blood stream.

Chiropractic care is one of the safest forms of alternative treatment available today with no side effects, risk or complications. The number of sessions required would depend on the severity of the patient’s condition. Most patients are able to experience improvement soon after the completion of the first session.

Seek Timely Medical Attention

Timely treatment for shoulder pain is a must, especially if one experiences severe pain for many days or is incapable of lifting objects. Chiropractic care can help a great deal by not allowing the condition to worsen while at the same time providing patients with substantial relief from the malady. The treatment can be attained from major healthcare and multi-specialty pain management centers that offer personalized attention and one-on-one private sessions.

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