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Physical Therapy Exercises for Neck

Physical therapy exercises for the neck can help to strengthen and loosen muscles and improve range of motion. The neck links the head and the torso and is the top column of a vertebrate’s spine. Pain in the neck can result from a bad disc, an injured spinal cord, strained muscles, a pinched nerve, a herniated disc, overuse, sleeping in an incorrect position, or other reasons. Other conditions affecting the neck are spinal stenosis and whiplash. Exercise can help to relieve these conditions.

Don’t Try Anything Yourself without Expert Instruction

It is always better to consult a specialist at a physical therapy center and proceed under his instructions rather than try something yourself. If you perform the exercises incorrectly, you run the risk of only aggravating your condition. A diagnosis would first be made of your condition using MRI or other diagnostic techniques.

Various Kinds of Exercises that May be Recommended

Exercises that may be adopted for a patient include the following:

  • Range-of-motion enhancing movements – The objective of these movements is to gently enhance range of motion while also reducing pain, stiffness, and swelling. The movements can assume the form of neck extensions, flexions, and rotations.
  • Stretches – Neck stretches can help to control stiffness and reduce stress and pain of the neck. Stretches are beneficial whether you have had a past neck injury or work for hours in front of a computer or at the desk.
  • Isometric Exercises – These movements place resistance on a group of muscles that are kept in place for a certain duration of time.


Benefits that can be gained from these kinds of movements include:

  • Reduction in the stiffness, pain and tension related to neck problems
  • Stretches the ligaments and muscles, making movement easier
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves posture
  • Reduces possibilities of injury during workouts

Personalized Recovery Plan

The recovery program is individualized for each person depending on his condition, history, and health. It may be necessary to incorporate ergonomics into your everyday activities to ensure that there is improvement.

Exercise can be combined with other physical therapy services to improve effectiveness of the treatment. This includes hot and cold therapies and deep tissue massages. Heat increases blood circulation to the target region thereby bringing in more nutrients and oxygen to that region. Cold treatments reduce the pace of circulation thereby proving beneficial in reducing pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation. Deep tissue massages involve the use of friction and direct pressure with the objective of relieving tension in the ligaments, muscles, and tendons (soft tissues).

Get in touch with a qualified and experienced physical therapist to learn more about physical therapy exercises for the neck and how long you would have to do them to see some positive changes.

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