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How to Relieve Back Pain?

To relieve back pain and prevent it from recurring, one must understand its nature and address all the causes which trigger the condition. Many people can resolve acute back pain in just a few days’ or weeks’ time. But, the same cannot be said about those who suffer from chronic back pain. This is one of the many reasons why physicians take the condition quite seriously and stress the need for timely medical attention.

Seven Proven Ways to Relieve Back Pain

The following are seven proven ways that can relieve back pain and get you back up on your feet quickly. A proper solution can be obtained only under the guidance of an experienced medical practitioner or specialist.

  • Heat or cold application – Applying heat can soothe and relax sore back muscles. Ice packs can relieve swelling and inflammation, especially after a back strain or injury. Both heat and cold application can heal and speed up the healing process.
  • Gentle back stretches – Gentle back stretches can alleviate pain and stiffness. It increases the range of motion by limbering the muscles.
  • Physical therapy and massage – Depending upon the type and cause of pain, your physician would probably recommend physical therapy and massage sessions. A variety of gentle and soothing massages are available to help reduce back pain by relaxing the muscles and improving blood circulation. A physiotherapist would help you with simple and easy to perform therapeutic exercises that will make you feel better as the days go by.
  • Anti-inflammation medication – NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) help reduce pain, swelling and inflammation in strained back muscles. Your physician would prescribe the anti-inflammatory medicine to treat your specific condition. These drugs are quite effective and can be purchased over the counter.
  • Pain relieving modalities – The use of pain relieving modalities stimulate and calm nerves to decrease pain perception. Modalities such as TENS and ultrasound are useful adjuncts to a rehabilitation regimen.
  • Epidural steroid injection – This injection is administered to alleviate excruciating back pain. It offers substantial relief almost immediately.
  • Chiropractic care – A chiropractor specializes in treating back pain conditions with a gentle spinal manipulation technique. The drug-free and non-surgical treatment can address various back-related pain disorders and restore full function.

While on road to recovery, you must avoid the aggravating activity and maintain a good posture while sitting, standing, moving or even lying down. It is equally important to get sufficient rest and encourage movement of the back from time to time to increase blood circulation and strengthen the muscles.

Approach a Multi-specialty Healthcare Center

To relieve back pain, it might be necessary to explore different treatment options. Instead of consulting physicians who specialize in different fields of medicine individually, you can approach a healthcare center which offers multiple pain management services in one convenient location. Physicians in these centers diagnose and treat patients effectively by adopting a multidisciplinary approach. The customized treatment can work well for patients of all age groups who suffer from various types of pain and associated symptoms.

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