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Don’t Let Your Life Go up in Smoke

According to the National Health Interview Survey, 2010, up to 43,000 Americans die of smoking or of exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke each year.

A Smoking Cessation Program to Quit Smoking for Good

This New Year, make the resolution to quit smoking – for good. That’s easier said than done, you say.  In fact, millions of people make this resolution every year, only to end up back smoking again. The fact of the matter is that there is no safe level. Each puff you take is deadly. It damages your lungs, your blood vessels, and affects all the cells in your body.

You’ve tried everything, but you just can’t stop smoking. That’s there are over 4000 chemicals in each cigarette that keeps you addicted even though you want to quit. So what’s the way out? Enroll in a smoking cessation program – not just any program, but one run by an established healthcare center and which offers personalized auriculotherapy treatment. Auriculotherapy is acupuncture for the ear. It involves stimulating certain reflex points with electrical impulses to release endorphins that will reduce your nicotine addiction. Just a single auriculotherapy session can have a dramatic effect. The treatment has no side effects and can help you stop taking that deadly puff.

It’s Never Too Late!

The good news is that it’s never too late – you can quit smoking at any age. The sooner you quit, the sooner your body can begin the healing process. So make that resolution today – don’t let your life go up in smoke.

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