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How Chiropractic Works for Back Pain

Dr. Russell Greenseid - ChiropractorBack pain is one of the most common ailments that affect people, restricting and affecting everyday activities. Stress, poor posture, sports injuries and other accidents are several reasons for back pain. In the past, medication and surgery were seen as the primary remedies. However, chiropractic is now proving one of the most effective options to treat back pain, relieving patients of this difficult condition and helping them return to normal activity and a pain-free life.

Chiropractic treatment is based on the theory that the smooth functioning of the spine is crucial to your overall health. Back pain is caused by spinal misalignment. Therefore, chiropractic manipulation involves gentle hands-on manipulation of the spine to adjust, correct, maintain and sustain function.

At your initial consultation, the chiropractor will first evaluate your condition and conduct various tests to determine the extent of your mobility issues. Routine diagnostic procedures like x-rays and lab tests may be performed. The aim of the initial examination is to detect the issues with the spinal joints which are causing your back pain.

The treatment may begin with gentle massages to loosen the stiff muscles of your back. Chiropractic manipulation involves precise thrusting movements to correct the alignment of the spinal joints and prevent disc damage. By freeing the pinched nerves, this manipulation can reduce back pain and inflammation.

One of the most attractive things about chiropractic is that it relies on the natural recuperative powers of the body rather than on medication or surgery. Success with chiropractic treatment depends greatly on where you get it. Look for an established healthcare center with licensed and experienced chiropractors. This will ensure that your treatment proceeds the right way.

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