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Success with Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain TreatmentIt’s no secret that not all treatment for back pain is successful. Take surgery, for instance. A recent study in the journal Spine revealed that in many cases, surgery doesn’t work and patients who have back surgery can actually end up in more pain! The records of 1450 patients in the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation database who had various types of debilitating back conditions were reviewed. Half of the patients had undergone surgery and the other half, had not. Two years later, only 26 percent of those who had surgery returned to work, while 67 percent of those who didn’t have surgery were back at work. A worrying result: a 41 percent increase in the use of painkillers.

Similarly, the wrong type of rehab treatment wouldn’t yield any results. If your rehab program fails to resolve your chronic back or neck pain even after 4-6 weeks and if you continue to experience recurring episodes of pain, you should realize the treatment is the ‘wrong’ one.

So how do you ensure success for back pain treatment? The solution lies in adopting the right approach. Only a professional pain management center would be able to offer you the right type of treatment. Here, treatment is prescribed only after a thorough evaluation of your condition by experienced physicians using diagnostic techniques such scans, MRIs and X-rays. A customized treatment plan is then established to treat your specific issues. This could include physical therapy sessions to stretch and strengthen affected muscles, tendons and ligaments. Besides physical therapy, an established multi-specialty healthcare center would also offer chiropractic treatment and spinal decompression therapy, which are highly effective solutions for back pain. Locating the right pain management center is crucial for a quick return to a more active and dynamic lifestyle.

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