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Nonpharmacologic Therapies Recommended for Fibromyalgia

An estimated 6 million American adults have fibromyalgia and it’s mostly women who suffer. Recent research indicates that nonpharmacologic therapy is as important as medication for the treatment of fibromyalgia. These findings were discussed at a conference on internal medicine sponsored by the University of Colorado earlier this year. It was reported that nondrug interventions such as education, exercise, sleep hygiene, psychological support, and stress management can provide great relief for this neurological condition.

Fibromyalgia patients experience chronic widespread pain, usually accompanied by numbness, tingling, burning, tenderness in the joints, muscles and soft tissues, severe fatigue and sleep disorders. The tender areas of the soft tissue on the back of the neck, shoulders, chest, lower back, hips, shins, elbows, and knees are affected. Experts now point out that nondrug therapies can be very effective for treating these conditions, but that they are often underutilized.

Fibromyalgia patients are very sensitive to medication and their side effects as well as exercise. Only a carefully monitored treatment program can provide relief. Therefore, the best place for treating severe cases of fibromyalgia is a pain management clinic offering neurology services. Reliable pain management centers would adopt a multidisciplinary approach to the problem. This would include various nonpharmacologic interventions such as physical therapy, massage therapy, exercises, chiropractic care, and more. Issues are carefully diagnosed and patients are offered customized treatment plans to manage fibromyalgia.

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