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Recovering from Knee Surgery with Orthopedics

A recent study reveals an increase in knee replacement procedures over the past two decades. The reasons for this trend are the aging population and the increase in the per capita utilization of services. Though the length of hospital stay for knee replacement has decreased, hospital readmission rates and rates of infectious complications have gone up.

One of the best ways to avoid knee problems is to reduce weight. There seems to be a strong correlation between being obese and the increase in the rate of loss of cartilage from the knee, which leads to osteoarthritis.

For many people, knee surgery becomes unavoidable. Recovering after knee surgery can be a slow and difficult process. However, the right orthopedic treatment can help patients to regain an active and pain-free life. Orthopedic services are focused on reducing pain and stiffness, improving strength and enhancing range of motion. The patient is first thoroughly evaluated to arrive at a correct diagnosis. A treatment plan is then devised to suit specific requirements. Non-surgical treatment options may also be offered. Orthopedic physicians also help patients suffering from knee pain to avoid conditions that would lead to surgery.

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