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Spinal Decompression – Avoid Back Surgery Risks

Many people who suffer from chronic back pain or neck pain usually opt for surgery because they believe that there’s no other resort.  Back surgery involves serious risks. One risk is nerve damage. Surgery may cause damage to the delicate nerves that are found in or surround the spinal cord. This affects all the areas that are supplied by the nerve. Nerve injury can affect function. Issues could range from a temporary loss of sensation to serious damage of the body’s capabilities.

Thankfully, there is a non-surgical alternative to painful and risky back surgery – spinal decompression, often described as a progressive of type traction. The system is designed to stretch the spinal column so that the discs between the vertebrae expand and relieve the pressure on pinched nerves. This alleviates the pain.

The main features of the spinal decompression system include a specially designed table, a harness, a tensioning belt, a lumbar selector and a touch screen computer. The patient is placed on the bed and therapeutic forces are delivered through the tensioning belt, which can be raised and lowered. The computer control module features different treatment programs for different types of lumbar issues. The operator can select the appropriate program for the patient and enter patient-specific information to provide a customized solution.  A session usually lasts about 20 to 25 minutes and repeat sessions may be necessary to complete the treatment.

Spinal decompression can be an effective and affordable alternative to back surgery if you are in the right hands. Find an established pain management center that offers the treatment to attain optimal results.

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