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Professional Solutions Can Help You Quit Smoking

Everybody knows that nicotine has long-term effects that can cause many life-threatening diseases such as cancer. New research by the Imperial College of London and the Human Genetics Foundation in Italy says that smokers’ DNA can help study cancer risk.  But why expose yourself to such risk – quitting is worth the effort.

  • Longer life span – quitting can reduce risk of premature death. The extent to which quitting can extend a person’s life span depends on factors such as the number of years of smoking, number of cigarettes smoked and presence or absence of disease at the time of quitting.
  • Reduced risk of death from diseases such as cancer, coronary heart disease, pneumonia, COPD, and stroke.
  • Quitting benefits people of all age groups, even older people.
  • Parents who stop smoking reduce the risk of exposure of family members to tobacco smoke.

There are many myths associated with quitting which hinder progress. The best way to dispel these myths, and promote longevity and a healthy lifestyle is to enroll in a smoking cessation program at a professional healthcare center. Safe FDA-approved therapies such as auriculotherapy are available. By triggering the release of naturally occurring substances called endorphins to balance brain chemicals that lead to addictions, auriculotherapy is proving extremely effective in eliminating symptoms of withdrawal and nicotine craving.

Imagine you have a shrub in your garden. It needs just sunlight and water to grow and flower profusely. Now suppose you were to feed it polluted air and water. You can be sure that it would die and wither away in no time. That’s exactly what happens to your body if you are addicted to smoking. So get professional help and quit to ensure a better life – for yourself and your loved ones.

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