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Weight Loss Programs – Safeguard Your Health

It’s widely known that losing just 10 percent of your body weight lowers risk of cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease. Now a new study reports that losing weight lowers the risk of inflammation in the body. Researchers at John Hopkins Medicine found that when overweight or obese people who dieted and exercised on a regular basis experienced a marked reduction in inflammation throughout their body.

The participants were people with high levels of inflammation. They were divided into two groups and put on low carb and low fat diets. Both groups were instructed to exercise three times a week. Regardless of the type of diet they followed, both groups benefited from lowered measures of inflammation at the end of the study.  This led the researchers to conclude that it is weight loss that is important and not the type of diet followed. The loss of belly fat was linked positively to lowered levels of systemic inflammation.

Diets are fine for people with the will power to curb excessive eating. However, if your addiction to excessive eating is too strong, what you need is a way to check this. Auricular therapy can help. This proven, effective and painless treatment involves light electrical stimulation to certain points on the external ear. Similar to acupuncture, but without the use of needle, auricular therapy works by intercepting the messages sent to the brain that are responsible for the craving for food. Of course, proper diet control and exercise are important too.

Enroll in a safe and effective weight loss program at an established healthcare center and safeguard your health.

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