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Accurate Testing Of Pain from Nerve Root Lesions with Pf-Ncs Testing

Nerve root lesions can cause significant pain. Conventional screening methods such as the Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV) and Electrical Muscle Graph (EMG) tests have had limitations in localizing the source of the pain. EMG can only detect pain based on nerve degeneration of demyelization which could take weeks or months to identify. Even if it is identified, only a fifth of the tests are positive. However, pf-NCS testing, the revolutionary pain fiber nerve conduction study, is helping physicians treat pain better with its unique source detection capabilities.

Available at advanced, multi-specialty healthcare centers, the procedure is an effective and safe method for accurately localizing, quantifying and identifying the nerve root lesions. This pain-free and non-invasive method accurately measures the sensory threshold.

Patients cannot always pinpoint the source of pain down to the accurate nerve root level. The pain fiber nerve conduction test, though, can single out the nerve root lesions. This can ensure that the right treatment is provided. Unusually high NCS measures suggest considerable loss in nerve conduction. Unusually low measures in NCS, on the other hand, suggest a condition called hyperesthetic where the nerves are inflamed, irritated or regenerating.

The major advantages of pain fiber nerve conduction study include:

  • Greater precision to the spinal nerve root while the lesion is numerically quantified from slight to severe
  • Earlier identification of neuropathy and radiculopathy than with conventional detection modalities such as EMG, SSEP and NCV
  • Greater safety and ease of use
  • Cost-effective pain management with early detection

The best place to avail of this unique diagnostic modality is an advanced multi-specialty healthcare center where pain management specialists evaluate patients carefully and offer effective treatment to resolve all types of pain.

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