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Preventing Falls Better Than Treating Them

Slips and falls are one of the major causes of injury and serious health issues in older adults. According to research, around 5% of these falls in older individuals result in a fracture. There are other disturbing facts: 25% of patients above 65 years of age who suffer a hip fracture die around six months time post accident, 25% suffer significant functional issues, and the remaining 50% have decreased mobility. Clearly, preventing falls is much better than treating them.

An advanced physical therapy and rehabilitation center can offer the right kind of preventive treatment with a Fall Risk Assessment and Conditioning Program. It involves Evaluation, Review of Results, Recommendation of Exercise Programs, Intervention and Re-Evaluation.

The evaluation process basically consists of analyzing the health of the individual to ascertain whether he/she has any physical condition that could contribute to a fall. The usual tests conducted include heart rate and blood pressure, ankle strength and knee strength test, balance test and walking test. Apart from this, a general health evaluation is conducted. Following these observations, exercise regimens are prescribed. Environmental factors that could contribute to serious falls are identified so that they can be removed.

The interventions include exercises that can be performed in the clinic as well at home. The goal of these exercises is to improve the strength and flexibility of the patient’s bones and muscles. Finally, the re-evaluation stage involves the summarization the results of the program. The patient may be required to continue some exercises.

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