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Effective Smoking Cessation Programs Can Curb Teen Smoking

Smoking causes cancer, lung and heart related diseases and ultimately shortens your lifespan. Teen smoking is a serious problem. Compared to adults, teenagers get addicted to smoking more easily and find it harder to stop.

According to research conducted by the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services (SPHHS), a smoking cessation program along with physical activity can help teenagers quit the habit. The study covered 233 teen smokers split into three groups: one assigned to an anti-smoking program, the second enrolled in an anti-smoking program with physical activity, and the last group that only listened to an anti-smoking lecture. The researchers found that all groups did some exercise, but the teenagers who were physically active for more than 20 minutes a day could significantly reduce the tendency to smoke.

Healthcare centers offer various types of smoking cessation programs to curb the smoking habit. One treatment that is offering a high proven rate of success is auriculotherapy. This smoking cessation treatment involves mild electrical stimulation of the external ear to balance the chemical messengers of the brain such as dopamine, serotonin and peptides which cause the addiction. It also helps release endorphins that reduce the nicotine craving and symptoms of withdrawal such as depression, restlessness, appetite, anxiety and mouth ulcers.

Drug-free and pain-free, auriculotherapy is being used to treat teenagers as well as adults quite successfully. The best place to get this treatment is at a reputable healthcare center where the program is carefully supervised by medical specialists. Combining this approach with a healthy diet and physical exercise program can pave the way to resolving smoking addiction.

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