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Open MRI and its Benefits

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a highly advanced non-invasive method of diagnosis that can provide precise scan results of various kinds of diseases and conditions. It can help to detect conditions such as these – Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord or brain injuries, motor neuron disease, dementia, encephalitis, meningitis or other brain infections, multiple sclerosis and stroke. Unlike the traditional MRI machine, an open MRI machine enables a patient to lie or sit between the magnets that carry out the resonance imaging without needing to be encased in a tube.

More Benefits

Open MRIs can be performed on different areas of the body such as the brain, spine, shoulder, knee, hip, ankle and elbow. This system of scanning is associated with the following benefits:

  • Very suitable for claustrophobic and obese patients
  • Ideal for people who require acute care supervision and children
  • Non-complicated and safe scanning
  • No uncomfortable body positioning
  • No discomfort or pain
  • No danger of radiation
  • Muffled and low sounding scan means less anxiety when scanning is in progress
  • Short duration (most scans are approximately half an hour)
  • No dangers of radiation

You can be assured of these benefits and more when you have your MRI carried out at an accredited and reputable facility.

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