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Obesity Related Healthcare Costs Rising in the US

Even as the federal government tries to revive the economy by implementing various economic measures, the country is trying to deal with steeply rising healthcare costs. And the major factor driving healthcare costs are obesity related health problems.

A person is overweight or obese when his/her BMI or body mass index is 30 and above. A 2012 obesity report published by Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation says that two-thirds of Americans are either obese or overweight and obesity related healthcare costs in the US are as high as $210 billion per year. It also predicts that obesity-related health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes will rise considerably in the near future. The analysis shows that the states could avert obesity-related diseases and substantially reduce healthcare costs if they could help their residents reduce their average body mass index by just 5 percent by 2030.

Many studies have found that well-managed disease programs and policies can reduce obesity rates to a large extent. Auricular therapy is one such weight loss program. This painless and drug-free approach involves the application of a light electrical stimulation at precise points on the external ear. This works to send messages to the brain to curb the urge to overeat. The right place to get this treatment is at an established healthcare center. With a judicious combination of auricular therapy, physical exercise, diet programs and counseling, the experts at a reliable establishment can put you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

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