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Physical Therapy Can Be an Alternative for Knee Surgery

Physical TherapyIn a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine states that physical therapy can be as effective as knee surgery for a torn meniscus.

The researchers compared the results of arthroscopic surgery and physical surgery on 351 patients across seven major US universities. The subjects were at least 45 years old and suffered from osteoarthritis and meniscus tears. Twisting and over-flexing can cause tears in the meniscus, the C-shaped piece of cartilage that lubricates the knee joint, makes it flexible, and absorbs shocks to the knee.

Researchers assigned 177 patients to physical therapy and the remaining 174 patients to arthroscopic partial meniscectomy along with postoperative physical therapy. The average number of physical therapy visits was 8 in the non-surgery group and 7 in the surgery group. Both the physical therapy group and the group who chose surgery reported similar functional improvement rates after a period of six months. Results reported were similar after 12 months. So according to the researchers, patients should think twice before going in for knee surgery as the problem could potentially be resolved with physical therapy alone. Additionally, these experts caution that physical therapy is a more cost-effective solution than arthroscopic surgery.

Physical therapy can resolve many issues. Administered correctly, a physical therapy program can increase and maintain muscle strength and endurance, increase coordination, restore range of motion, reduce muscle spasm and inflammation of the joints, and much more. If you have joint or muscular issues, seek treatment at a reliable professional healthcare center that offers physical therapy services. The specialists here can provide you with a customized treatment plan after evaluating your condition.

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