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Degenerative Disc Disease and Auto Accidents

Degenerative Disc Disease and Auto AccidentsDegenerative disc disease is what occurs as typical age-related changes occur to the spinal discs. It can also be the result of obesity, years of heavy physical labor involving lifting, smoking, and sudden incidents such as an auto accidents or a fall.

When the discs wear out, the space between the vertebrae becomes narrower, compressing the nerves and causing pain in the neck or back. The pain could keep increasing and become debilitating as well. Some people may not experience pain or any outward symptoms though their degenerative disc condition is serious.

Auto Accidents and Degenerative Disc

Injuries caused by an auto accident are one of the causes of herniated discs which could start the process of disc degeneration. Soft tissue damage must be properly assessed, which is beyond the scope of an emergency room diagnosis.

Following an auto accident, neurological, orthopedic and other tests need to be performed to assess any issues related to muscle strength, soft tissues, nerve function, spinal cord, range of motion, or nerve function. X-rays may also have to be taken to detect disc degeneration.

Getting Reimbursed

One of the first things you should do when you have an auto accident is to see a physician at a professional healthcare center as soon as possible, even if there is no visible outer injury.

Private health insurance and Medicare have many rules and regulations governing compensation for degenerative disc disease which is the result of an accident.

Leading healthcare centers offer several safe and effective options for treating degenerative disc disease such as chiropractic adjustment or physical therapy. They accept most medical insurance including Medicare, which covers these treatments.

At a professional healthcare center, the physician or orthopedist would conduct a medical examination with x-rays and scans to diagnose degenerative disc disease. You should tell your physician about every symptom that you experience after the accident. In addition to the objective evidence provided by the imaging studies, insurers will also look at the other indications in your treating physician’s notes regarding reduced muscular strength and decreased range of motion cased by degenerative disc disease.

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