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Preventing Old Age Falls Through Improved Balance

Good balance is all about being able to control and maintain your body position. Having good balance means being able to walk without staggering, and get up, climb stairs or bend over without falling.
Preventing Old Age Falls Through Improved Balance

Many older adults experience balance problems. Dizziness and unsteady gait could lead to falls, limiting activity and inhibiting independence. In fact, falling is a major risk for old people and causes serious issues such as fractures leading to decreased mobility.

Balance Restraining Program

A balance restraining program at an advanced multi-specialty healthcare center can go a long way in preventing slips and falls. Carried out by doctors, physical therapists and other staff, this balance restraining program, which is in turn part of a slip/fall prevention program, can educate elderly patients and help them experience improved quality of life. It can also:

  • Assess the functional and physical capabilities of patients for determining their risk of falling,
  • Identify the environmental or external factors which put patients at a risk of falling,
  • Attempt to modify those risk factors,
  • Improve the mobility of patients, and
  • Enable them to maintain a level of independence

A good balance training regimen will generally include features such as gait testing and training, Isokinetic testing as well as exercise, dynamic training and testing, exercise programs to be followed in the clinic or at home, and safety tips to reduce environmental risk factors.

Most private health insurance and Medicare cover assessment and conditioning for fall programs.

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