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Understanding Hip Fractures and Their Treatment

Just a simple fall can lead to hip fracture in the elderly. Factors such as osteoporosis, loss of muscular strength, and bone weakening due to medical issues can also cause falls leading to fracture of the hip. Hip fracture is one of the most dreaded of injuries as it severely incapacitates the elderly and increases their fear of falling. Hip fractures in older adults could also be life threatening.

Identifying Hip Fractures

In many cases, individuals who have broken their hip following a fall would be able to realize it right away since they would not be able to stand or walk because of the severe pain in the groin or hip area. In some instances though, the pain can be much less and the person may not be aware of the fractured hip. Inflammation, contusions and/or stiffness usually accompanies the pain.

One way to identify hip fracture, in the absence of severe pain, is to notice if the leg on any side of the hip turns outward or gets shorter as would be the case if the hip is broken. In any case, it is important to take the individual to the hospital immediately following a fall whether symptoms are explicit or not since a hip fracture could cause the health of the aged person to deteriorate further. Up to 25% of adults over 60 who incur a fractured hip die with six months.

Advanced Multi-Specialty Rehabilitation Center for Treatment

Surgery is the only solution to set right a fractured hip. An advanced multi-specialty rehabilitation and pain management center would have orthopedic surgeons who can provide surgical solutions for all types of hip fractures. The specialists here can also provide treatment for persons with medical issues which prevent them from going in for surgery.

The advantage of treatment at a professional healthcare center is that hip fracture patients can also benefit from quality pain management and rehabilitation services.

It can ensure that the individuals who have undergone hip surgery return to normal living and get healthier each day in the most pleasant means possible without incurring post-surgery complications.

Orthopedics is one of the major areas a reliable and advanced multi-specialty healthcare center focuses on. Such a center would also provide advanced slip or fall prevention programs to identify risk factors that could induce falling and treat or remove them. These factors could be present in the physical health of the elderly individual or be environmental risk factors present in the home in which the individual lives, such as a slippery floor or cluttered room.

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