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Gift Good Health This Valentine’s Day

With cold January coming to an end and February just round the corner, love is in the air. You’ve got to make sure the continuing cold doesn’t get the better of you this Valentine’s Day. You don’t want to be writhing in pain nursing a sprained ankle every time your date edges closer to you for a kiss. Stay prepared and you can have a great time.

Gift Good Health This Valentine's Day

Push Your Partner towards Good Health

Valentine’s Day isn’t about you alone. It’s about your partner too, with whom you’ll be celebrating a grand shopping experience or enjoying a quiet and romantic candlelight dinner. Why not gift him/her with a heart checkup or blood pressure screening at a reputed healthcare center? A strange idea for a Valentine’s Day gift, you might think. But health is the greatest asset one could have, and if you really love your partner (Valentine’s Day is all about love, isn’t it?) you would want to ensure that they make the right moves towards good health.

Remember American Heart Month

February is also American Heart Month so it’s quite appropriate that you sponsor a few health checkups for your partner to ensure their heart is in good shape for the future. Heart disease is America’s major cause of death. Periodic checkups could ensure the heart is well monitored and surprises are avoided. One good idea would be to take a blood pressure checkup this week to understand your risks and take the necessary preventive measures. Leading healthcare centers offer such blood pressure screenings free of cost.

Convincing your partner to take up a smoking cessation program is another idea as smoking is linked with heart and lung disease. Obesity is another major heart risk. If your partner is obese, it may be wise to sign them up for a weight loss program too. Free consultations on weight loss and smoking cessation are offered by reputed healthcare centers.

Enjoy a Healthy Valentine’s Day

Make this Valentine’s Day a health-focused one. It is the right time to recap and renew those New Year health resolutions for you and your partner, and give them that perfect token of love – concern for their health.

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