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The Dangers of Falling on Treadmills

Falling on TreadmillsTreadmills are common indoor exercise ideas, and for good reason too. They can really help cut down the fat and increase lean muscle, while also strengthening the leg muscles. But they can be dangerous if not used properly.

How Dangerous Are Treadmills?

Treadmill falls could cause fractures and sprains in the legs or lower back. This happens primarily when users lose balance and fall while the treadmill belt is in motion, causing unusual twisting of the legs or body. Even before you fall, losing balance itself could cause injury to the arm, elbow or wrist while you are in the process of bracing for the impact.

A more remote chance of danger is the user’s hand or fingers getting trapped beneath the moving belt. The heat of the machine, due to the speed of the moving belt, could cause serious burns. These kinds of injuries can be prevented if the user is clipped to the safety cord which stops the treadmill once the user falls.

Will You Really Fall Often?

So how great is the risk of the falling or losing balance on a treadmill? The issue with a treadmill is that it makes you walk in a straight line unlike walking outdoors where you can vary the direction, and speed, of your walking. With a treadmill you need to keep on walking straight at the set speed without deviating, which could get tiring. And if you suddenly succumb to your body’s urge top stop or change direction you’ll end up falling.

Keep Kids Away from Treadmills

Serious injury could be avoided if safety precautions such as the aforementioned safety cord are used and the speed of the belt is set to a manageable level. Also, keep kids away from treadmills since they are the ones who unwittingly turn treadmills on or get in the way of moving ones. The death of Exodus Tyson, Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter, in 2009 is a grim reminder that children and treadmills do not go together.

Injuries from treadmills can be serious, but advanced healthcare centers are there to ensure customized and effective treatment.

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