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February is National Recreational Therapy/Therapeutic Recreation Month

National Therapeutic Recreation MonthFebruary is celebrated as National Recreational/Therapeutic Recreation (RT/TR) month in the United States. Sponsored by the American Therapeutic Recreation Association, the event is a strong platform to raise awareness about the pivotal role of therapeutic recreation programs and services in improving health and wellbeing.

Over the years, recreational therapy has become an important component of quality patient care. RT is a treatment modality designed to restore, remediate and rehabilitate an individual’s physical level of functioning, independence and functionality. It aims to reduce or eliminate an individual’s activity limitations caused due to an illness, injury, or disabling condition.

Recreational therapists use a variety of techniques and recreational activities to help people with disabilities, illnesses or other disabling conditions live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Arts and crafts, games, sports, dance and music are used to treat and maintain physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Physical therapy programs help patients to improve strength, develop damaged muscles and improve balance and mobility. These techniques enhance the physical wellbeing and help in pain management, weight loss and controlling diabetes and hypertension.

With the rapidly growing number of older adults, it is expected that the demand for recreational therapy in assisted-living facilities, adult daycare programs, and other social assistance agencies will continue to increase. Individuals with disabilities will also need such programs.

This February will see healthcare providers, rehabilitation centers and other entities across the U.S. working to promote awareness about therapeutic recreation activities, programs and services and enhance leisure opportunities for individuals in health care settings and in the community.

As a qualified provider of rehabilitation services, HealthQuest joins the nation in celebrating RT/TR Month. We take this opportunity to thank our team of physical therapists and other healthcare professionals who are focused on ensuring optimal rehab treatment and a pleasant recovery experience for each patient.

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