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Physical Therapy Reduces the Need for Other Knee Pain Treatments

Physical therapy services in Brooklyn include individualized physical therapy programs for a wide variety of conditions including non-traumatic knee pain to reduce the pain, discomfort, and stiffness. Physical therapy is considered highly effective in treating knee pain. A recent study has shown that physical therapy offered as part of rehabilitation program, and performed within 1 to 15 days from the onset of non-traumatic knee pain may reduce the use of opioids, nonsurgical invasive procedures and surgery.

Physical TherapyThe study was performed by a group of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh who investigated the records of a sample group of 52,504 Medicare beneficiaries with non-traumatic knee pain for 12 months. They categorized physical therapy rehabilitative services as early (1 to 15 days), intermediate (16-120 days), and late (more than 120 days) rehabilitation. About 8,672 patients received intermediate rehabilitation for non-traumatic knee pain, more than a third received late rehabilitation (as post surgical care only) and the remaining 5,852 patients received early rehabilitation (provided within 1-15 days). This study revealed that patients who were able to receive early intervention were less likely to use opioids, surgery or nonsurgical invasive procedures. The physical therapy provided to this group included various forms of exercise and other non-pharmacologic services / procedures such as nutritional counseling, functional training, physical agents, manipulation, and manual therapy.

  • Exercises – These include a wide variety of exercises such as straight leg raises, hamstring curls, prone straight leg raises, wall squats, calf raises, step-ups, side leg raises and leg presses.
  • Functional training – This includes knee strengthening exercises to improve flexibility.
  • Nutritional counseling – This comprises dietary habit assessment, body weight check, identifying the key areas that require changes, overcome the barriers that make change so hard, setting goals, getting support from family and maintaining the changes.
  • Physical agents – Physical agent modalities include electrotherapy, ultrasound, and TENS.
  • Manipulation – This technique helps treat stiffness and poor range of motion.
  • Manual therapy – This involves the therapist applying manual force to change or improve the quality and the range of motion of joints and soft tissues.

Locate a Reliable Rehabilitation Center

You can obtain effective physical therapy services from a leading multispecialty healthcare and rehabilitation center in Brooklyn, where they provide customized physical therapy solutions for individuals of all ages. Experienced pain management doctors at this facility would conduct a comprehensive physical examination and other tests such as X-ray and MRI scan to diagnose the root cause of your pain. Based on the nature and cause of the pain, they will create treatment programs to suit individual goals and functional abilities.

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