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Sheepshead Bay Pain Management Services

HealthQuest, located in Brooklyn, New York, provides effective pain management services in Sheepshead Bay. We offer treatment to patients suffering from chronic pain, employing the latest diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and state-of-the-art technology to provide a center of excellence for pain management.

Helping You Overcome the Discomfort Through

Pain Management

Our objective is to make sure that patients are treated for their chronic pain that is disrupting their lives. We employ a multidisciplinary approach for treating and managing chronic pain effectively and employ medical interventions, psychological interventions, self-help techniques, physical therapy and surgery. HealthQuest’s pain management services offered in Sheepshead Bay are capable of helping you cope with and treat chronic pain disorders.

You’ll find knowledgeable and experienced pain management doctors on our team, committed to providing all the needed care and support you need. For chronic pain management, we use only treatments which have proven to be effective and safe through years of clinical application. Our unique features are:

  • High staff to patient ratio
  • Non-narcotic approach
  • Treatment intensity
  • Our multidisciplinary team
  • Constantly updated protocols

Understanding Your Requirements and Need to Be Free

We are committed to restoring the life functions, health and happiness of patients who are in the clutches of pain and look for more than the average pain management clinics. Our multidisciplinary pain management program can help you effectively cope with chronic pain. Even though pain control programs are difficult, pain management can make a significant difference in your life. Our treatment program incorporates features such as physical therapy, relaxation training and stress management. We also have educational programs covering medications and other aspects of pain and its management.

We accept most major medical insurance plans, Medicare, No-Fault, and Workers Compensation. To learn more about our pain management services in Sheepshead Bay and the facilities on offer, please call us at 718-769-2521 or email