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Balance Program

Falls are a serious threat to the health of the elderly and can lead to serious consequences including fracture, disability, impaired function and mortality. Preventing falls is very important to reduce geriatric fractures. HealthQuest offers a balance program to prevent falls in elderly people, and thereby help them live a more productive life. This 4 week training is specifically designed to improve the strength, ability, and balance in older people.

Who Can Benefit from Our Services?

This is highly beneficial for patients aged 65 years and above, who are concerned about falls and wish to achieve improved mobility and balance.

Risk Factors for Falls

Falls may occur due to several reasons.

  • Risk factors in the home environment
  • Poor eyesight
  • Muscle weakness
  • Poor balance
  • Medications used

Balance Retraining Program

Our professional team of physicians, physical therapist and ancillary staff aim to enhance the quality of life of our elderly patients with this training. Realizing the fact that most falls occur at home, they help patients identify the environmental factors that cause falls. Risk factors for falls at home may include poor lighting, wet floors, unstable seating, small objects in pathways, and unsteady handrails.

Our slip / fall prevention program steps include:

  • Assessing patients’ physical and functional capabilities to determine whether they are at risk of falling
  • Identifying the various factors that put the patients at risk
  • Modifying the risk factors
  • Improving patient’s mobility
  • Helping to maintain independence

An individual balance training and exercise program will include:

  • Biodex Isokinetic Testing and Exercise
  • Dynamic testing and training
  • Gait (walking) testing and training
  • In clinic and home exercise programs
  • Home safety tips

A report is provided summarizing the effect of this program. Your physician may recommend continued structured exercise to address specific problems.

Most insurance plans including Medicare cover slip/ fall prevention programs, thus making the cost of the program affordable for geriatric patients.

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