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Treatment Options for Common Foot and Ankle Injuries

Of all the sports injuries and conditions, injuries to the foot and ankle are among the most debilitating. The foot and ankle are complex structures that balance and support the weight of the body while providing mobility. Foot and ankle injuries like sprains are common in active, athletic individuals engaged in sports activities like basketball, soccer, hockey, cricket and running. Pain felt in the foot or ankle may be a minor or temporary concern, but chronic or intense discomfort is …

Excess Body Weight can be a Potential Cause of Back Pain

Affecting about 40% of adults across the globe, low back pain is mainly associated with herniated or ruptured discs. The breakdown of the intervertebral discs usually occurs due to aging and weight gain can speed up the process. Excess weight increases strain on the spinal column and back muscles. Surgery can relieve chronic low back pain but comes with risk of complications. In fact, surgery is recommended only when alternative noninvasive options fail to work. Losing weight and maintaining a …

Low Back Pain in Golfers – Causes and Treatment

Golf is a popular sport that can be very challenging, both physically and psychologically. Often, players tend to ignore the biomechanical aspect of this game and this could pose serious problems such as low back pain. Lower back pain is the biggest injury complaint among golfers of all ranks – amateur, professional, young, old, and beginners as well as seasoned golfers. Studies also highlight that low back conditions account for approximately 25% of all golf injuries.

Lower back pain often …

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight this Summer [Infographic]

Summer is the best time to get out there and engage in activities such as walking, gardening, swimming, and more. This is also the perfect time to start working towards your weight loss goals. Losing weight requires a lot of commitment and dedication. Weight loss programs offered by professional healthcare centers are designed to help people shed calories, improve metabolism, and address their obesity concerns.

Check out the infographic below for weight loss tips. ...

Nonsurgical Modalities to Treat a Hamstring Strain

If a sports injury causes sudden, throbbing pain at the back of the thigh, it may be a hamstring injury. A hamstring injury occurs when you strain or pull one of your hamstring muscles – a group of muscles located on the back of the thigh. This injury is quite common in people who play soccer, basketball, football, tennis or similar sports that involve sprinting with sudden stops and starts. The injury can also occur in runners and in dancers. …

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