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Physical Therapy Services Brooklyn

Physical therapy is a healthcare practice that deals with evaluating and treating various musculoskeletal disorders. Many physical therapy service centers in Brooklyn provide focused treatment programs by implementing various treatment methods and modalities. With effective treatment of all types of physical dysfunctions, physical therapy care enables patients to reach normal functioning quickly.

Appropriate Treatment to Aid in Total Recovery

A comprehensive physical therapy treatment program focuses on restoring your movement and function, fitness and prevention. Physical therapy services are offered for patients with functional limitations, impairment, disability or any other health condition. Physical therapy care is provided in all specialty areas such as orthopedic, neurological, cardiovascular, pulmonary, pediatric, geriatric and more. Specialized pediatric physical therapy care is offered to help children with developmental disorders. Various sports or work related injuries can also be treated with these programs. To ensure maximum functional independence and recovery for patients, various treatment protocols are used in physical therapy such as heat or cold packs, massage and electrical nerve stimulation techniques.

Individualized Physical Therapy Services

Different types of physical therapy treatment programs are supervised by licensed physical therapists. They are trained in the examination and treatment of all kinds of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal dysfunctions that cause functional issues and movement problems. To properly evaluate the dysfunction, specialists use a variety of tests such as joint motion, coordination tests, balance, muscle strength, flexibility, palpation, neurological tests, postural screening, and many other specific tests. By examining various performing tests and measures, and evaluating the physical condition, physical therapy specialists can develop a custom treatment plan for each patient.

A variety of healthcare facilities in Brooklyn offers individualized physical therapy treatment programs that are perfectly tailored to suit the patient’s goals and needs.

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