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Dispel Your Myths about Back Pain

Back pain is common. Almost everybody has been affected at one time or another. But of all the medical conditions that people suffer from the most, back pain is the one that has the most myths surrounding it.

  • Sitting up straight can prevent back pain: False: Posture is definitely important but sitting up straight cannot prevent back pain. In fact, this could affect your back. If you are in a job that keeps you sitting at your desk for long hours, make sure you have your feet flat on the ground. Sit with your back slightly curved against the chair. Get up and remain standing whenever you can.
  • Humans are susceptible to back pain: True: The fact is that our genetic code programs our discs to age before the rest of our body. Most people have a genetic makeup for such disc degeneration and that’s why back pain is such a common problem.
  • You have a ‘bad back’: False: If you think you have back pain because you have a ‘bad back’, you’re wrong. There’s nothing like a bad back. The back is a wonderfully engineered and crafted structure. You have back pain because something is wrong.
  • Bed rest is the ideal solution: False: Rest is good when the pain is really acute. But more than a day or two in bed can make the problem worse
  • Only older people have back pain: False: Even people as young as 20 suffer from back pain.
  • Obese people are more affected: False: Studies have found that the incidence of lower back pain is the same in the general population as in obese people. But keeping your weight down helps avoid many medical conditions that may lead to back pain.
  • Exercise can help: True: Physical therapy exercises under the guidance of a trained physical therapist can help lessen debilitating back pain to a great extent.
  • Chiropractic care works: True: Chiropractic treatment is being increasingly recommended for treating back pain and many musculoskeletal ailments

Understanding the problem is half the cure. So dispel important myths and get the right treatment for a pain-free back at an established pain management center.

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