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Physical Therapy for Pain Management

Physical Therapy BrooklynFaulty posture, accidents, and sports injuries can cause muscle and joint pain. While accidents and injuries occur unexpectedly, maintaining good posture can prevent back and neck pain.

  • Practice standing straight and sitting up straight
  • If you expect to be sitting or driving for extended periods of time, place a cushion between the curve of your spine and the back of your seat. This will help maintain the natural curve of your spine
  • Use an ergonomic chair at work and make sure your computer is at or slightly below eye level
  • Don’t remain seated for too long. Get up and stretch at half or one hour intervals

If you already suffer from back or neck pain, and spine and joint issues, a well-planned physical therapy program can help a great deal. Get treatment at a well-known pain management center without delay.

Physical therapy treatment involves exercises to align the spine and reduce the tension in the affected area by stretching and strengthening the muscles. The aim is to improve the patient’s level of independence and functional movement. The main techniques that physical therapists use are tissue manipulation, TENS, therapeutic movement, heat and cold therapies, ultrasound and traction. Physical therapy not only helps diminish physical issues such as inflammation, stiffness, and soreness but also encourages the body to produce natural pain-relieving chemicals called endorphins and heal itself. This is what makes physical therapy such an effective chronic pain treatment option

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