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Rehabilitation Services – An Essential Component of Post-Stroke Care

Physical Rehabilitation BrooklynThe number of Americans who suffer strokes every year is estimated to be about 795,000. In this context, the availability of quality rehabilitation services and physical medicine is critical. The ideal option for the management of physical disability following a stroke is treatment at a multi-disciplinary healthcare center.

Equipped with an interdisciplinary treatment team and advanced rehabilitative equipment, an established multi-disciplinary healthcare center can assure the quality treatment and care that post-stroke patients need. In the early stages, treatment usually focuses on regenerating damaged tissues. The later stages involve the use of various types of advanced equipment to improve mobility, function and endurance.

The specific advantages of treatment at our facility are:

  • All-inclusive, goal-oriented rehabilitation services: Patient needs assessed, outcomes are examined and interventions, prescribed.
  • Treatment by an interdisciplinary rehabilitation team: The professional team would include physical therapists, chiropractors, orthopedists, neurologists, and physicians. They work together to provide customized treatment plans for each patient.
  • Close medical supervision: The specialists at a multi-disciplinary healthcare center work together to monitor patients and provide them with optimal treatment.
  • Access to the latest rehabilitation equipment and technology: Therapeutic interventions would include those specially meant to improve the strength of weak limbs. An established center would have advanced treadmill training equipment, especially useful for stroke patients with mobility issues as it helps them practice walking with minimal risk of injury.
  • Excellent care: The staff is qualified and well-trained in rehabilitation care and ensures patients excellent care right through the treatment program.

The intensive rehabilitation services provided by the right healthcare center would definitely go a long way to help post-stroke patients achieve their goal of restoring physical mobility and returning to activities of daily life.

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