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Comprehensive and Effective Rehabilitation Services

Patients who have undergone trauma, surgery, debilitating sickness or even normal ageing can suffer loss of function. Rehabilitation helps in the regeneration of the damaged tissues.  A professional multi-specialty healthcare center can provide appropriate recuperative solutions for people of all ages.

Patients with back pain, ankle pain, knee pain or shoulder pain can obtain comprehensive treatment and care at an advanced pain management and rehabilitation center. These specialized centers also provide effective rehabilitation treatment for patients suffering functional loss and chronic pain as well as neurological or post-trauma disorders. Physical rehabilitation has many specializations such as sports injury rehabilitation, back injury or back pain rehabilitation, knee surgery rehabilitation and shoulder injury rehabilitation.

Low-tech as well as high-tech therapies are employed for rehabilitation. Low-tech methods are generally utilized in the early stages of the treatment for regenerating damaged tissues safely. These generally include paraffin wax for reducing inflammation, shoulder wax for increasing movement in the shoulders, Therabands, Theratubing, walker bars, and wobble boards.

High-tech therapeutic rehabilitation methods are used at the later stages of treatment and usually include the use of resistive weight machines for muscles, treadmill, elliptical trainer, lower body and upper body cycles, and stair steppers.

The rehabilitation specialists at a multi-specialty healthcare center would identify the root cause of the condition using advanced diagnostic modalities before creating customized treatment plans for their patients.  Advanced rehabilitation procedures are proving very successful in improving mobility and allowing patients to enhance their independence and mobility.

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