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Non-surgical Spinal Decompression – An Effective Solution for A Herniated Disc

Spinal disc herniation is a condition in which a tear occurs in outer, fibrous ring of inverterbral disc due to lifting injuries or trauma (in most cases), causing the central portion to swell out of the outer rings. Inflammatory chemical mediators released from the tear tend to spread around the nerve root in the course of time resulting in severe low back pain. The good news is that a herniated disc can be effectively treated using a non-invasive technique called non-surgical spinal decompression.

Surgery has often proved ineffective when it comes to a herniated disc. A study conducted by the Health Care Cost and Utilization Project revealed that between 1993-2003, discectomies (surgical removal of the disc) did not produce the desired results. An article published in Spine in 1999, the official journal of North American Spine Society, also stated that many patients had unsatisfactory results from lumbar discectomy and that up to one quarter of the patients reported severe residual pain.

Non-surgical spinal decompression, a form of traction, is effective because it treats the root cause of the diseased disc and relieves the pressure from the disc as well as nerve. The FDA approved treatment is administered using a non-surgical spinal decompression machine. A negative pressure is applied to separate the spinal disc and create a vacuum within it. This decompresses the disc and draws back the bulging material into the disc. The extent of herniation is reduced which takes pressure off the nerve root. At the same time, the pumping motions pull nutrients into the disc, promoting the healing process.

Due to its high rate of success, spinal decompression is being increasingly utilized to treat cervical as well as lumbar disc injuries. The best place for treatment is at a professional healthcare center. Patients can benefit from additional support therapies such as TENS (electrical stimulation), bracing, nutritional programs, and more at a reputable healthcare center.

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