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Quitting Smoking is No Longer Impossible

Smoking Cessation ProgramsIt is difficult to quit smoking. Often New Year resolutions and promises fall through because the urge to smoke is something that has been programmed into the body of a smoker thanks to years of smoking.

Reliable statistics reveal that more than 440,000 people die of smoking related diseases in the US every year. According to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), this translates to $92 billion lost every year due to lost productivity caused by deaths related to smoking. Smoking leads to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, chronic respiratory issues, and much more. As we’ve seen above, it also causes premature death.

These grim figures suggest that it is better to stop as soon as possible, so that you can live a longer more fulfilling life. This is important not just for you but your friends and loved ones too. According to a World Health Organization finding, the tobacco control measures implemented in 41 countries from 2007 to 2010 could help prevent more than 7.4 million premature deaths.

So, on one hand, you have the unstoppable physical as well as mental urge to smoke, and on the other, the psychological desire to quit. The tug of war waged by these opposing urges could make life irritable and tough. Fortunately, there is help available in the form of smoking cessation programs. One of the most successful smoking cessation treatments offered today is auricular therapy, a technique that involves balancing chemicals in the brain by the micro-electrical stimulation of specific points on the outer ear.  This works to reduce the nicotine cravings.

This novel treatment is pain-free and medication-free. In some cases, just a single session is all it takes for the tobacco cravings to vanish. Multiple sessions may be required for some people. You are a good candidate for the treatment if you have the will to quit smoking. Auriculotherapy has a high success rate.

So if you really want to quit, find a professional healthcare center that offers auricular therapy to reduce nicotine dependence. Cut the cancer risk and enjoy a healthier lifestyle by taking advantage of a well managed smoking cessation program.

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