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Why Geriatric Care Is Important

The elderly have many complex health needs. Though recent research by the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) revealed that Americans can now look forward to living healthier and longer than 20 years ago, there are challenges that people face towards the latter stages of their life.

Geriatric Care Management

Geriatric care services involve not only medical but also social, functional and psychological interventions. Geriatric care management involves taking care of elderly individuals suffering from physical disabilities and chronic illnesses as well as those living alone. Geriatric care involves improving the quality of living of these elderly individuals and keeping them energetic and happy.

Fall Prevention

Fall prevention is a major element of geriatric care which deals with meeting the various health requirements of elderly adults. An experienced physical therapy and rehabilitation center offers slip/fall prevention and many other programs to enable elderly adults maintain their quality of living.

A fall prevention program comprehensively evaluates the physical health and environmental factors of the individual to determine whether they have a tendency to fall. If there are factors identified that could cause a fall, the program attempts to address those concerns. That could be improving gait, suggesting treatment for other related physical conditions, and removing the environmental factors which could cause the fall such as the obstacles or hazards at home. The health factors are modified through exercise programs.

Geriatric Care at a Reliable Healthcare Center

At a reliable physical therapy and rehabilitation center, pain management is offered as part of geriatric care. Geriatric care specialists include pain management physicians, orthopedists and neurologists who combine their expertise to administer drug as well as non-drug medications for controlling pain. This multidisciplinary approach helps to deal with pain and related conditions including falls, lacerations, hip fractures and back trauma.

An efficient multi-specialty healthcare center offers long term support as well as one-time assessment.

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