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Physical Therapy is More Effective than You’d Think

Physical TherapyThere are some physical conditions in the world around us which medicines cannot set right, and that’s when surgery is sought. However, not everyone likes surgery because of its cumbersome nature, costs, or a fear of something going wrong. This apprehension keeps many people away from the surgeon’s hands. Physical therapy can treat some of these conditions including degenerative disc disease, arthritis, back pain, shoulder pain – stiffness or injury, sprain, and other joint and muscle disorders.

Two Eye-opening Studies

An early 2013 study by NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine) revealed that physical therapy can be just as effective as surgery in treating conditions such as torn meniscus and knee arthritis. The survey was conducted on patients who had undergone surgery and postoperative physical therapy as well as patients who underwent physical therapy alone. There was no difference in the condition of both the categories of patients 6 months following their treatment. APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) expects the results are expected to prompt healthcare practices to think of physical therapy as a seriously effective treatment that could perhaps replace surgery in such injuries.

Another study at Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University Hospital revealed that physical therapy is probably as capable as surgery in treating degenerative disc disease (DDD). The study was conducted on 96 DDD patients. Among them 53 individuals went for the lumbar fusion surgical method, while 43 chose non-operative physical therapy treatment.

Physical Therapy is for You

All this just goes to prove that if you have any of the above mentioned conditions, experienced no cure with medication and/or are apprehensive about surgery it’s time to approach a reliable and advanced healthcare, pain management and rehabilitation center where experienced doctors and trained physical therapists would analyze your condition, discuss the issues you face, examine your overall health and suggest the right physical therapy procedure for you. They would also provide you with great post-operative care.

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