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October is National Physical Therapy Month

Physical TherapyNational Physical Therapy month is celebrated each year in the month of October. This month-long celebration is hosted by American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) each year to explore and recognize the important role that physical therapists and their assistants play in transforming society by helping people restore and improve mobility.

National Physical Therapy week was celebrated in the month of June starting 1981. Later this week-long celebration was extended to a full month and October was designated as the official month for the event. The official theme of this year’s campaign is “Common Myths about Physical Therapy”.

The role of physical therapists in pain management cannot be overlooked. They help to resolve different issues such as back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain, thereby helping people stay healthy, fit and active. According to the latest reports from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about one-third of adults aged 65 and older suffer falls each year in the United States and more than 20-30% suffer from moderate to severe injuries related to these falls. Physical therapy helps reduce risk of falls and in fall prevention too.

The main focus of the campaign is to increase awareness and identify how physical therapists –

  • Significantly improve mobility to perform routine tasks
  • Provide an alternative to painful and expensive surgery (in certain cases)
  • Manage and eliminate pain (without medications and its side effects in certain cases)
  • Enable patients to recover from severe injuries
  • Promote healthy lifestyles

As part of the event, APTA members are encouraged to reach out to the general public and educate them about the potential benefits of following a healthy lifestyle and to raise awareness about the importance of physical therapy programs. There will be a special media program designed to bust the top 7 myths about physical therapy. Special events like posture screenings, balance assessments or fun runs are organized to get the community involved in fitness and exercise programs.

Physical therapists treat people of all ages, including those with medical or other health-related issues that restrict them from moving and performing functional activities related to daily life. Mobility is a key element that helps in successful aging and remaining active and independent throughout life. These specialists work with people to prevent loss of mobility before it occurs and develop individualized treatment plans to treat those with mobility issues.

Visit a physical therapy center in your locality to see how you can benefit from activities planned for National Physical Therapy Month!

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