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National Public Health Week 2015 – Creating the Healthiest Nation in One Generation

National Public Health Week (NPHW) is a United States health awareness campaign that aims to recognize the significant contributions of public health and highlight issues that are important to improving the nation’s health. This year, National Public Health Week will be celebrated from April 6-12 with the theme “Healthiest Nation 2030”. The goal is to make America the healthiest nation in one generation by the end of 2030. All through the week and later, public healthcare service providers and related organizations across the nation will support the campaign by highlighting public health achievements, educating people about various health issues, and how they can live longer lives.

National Public Health Week

Over the recent years, there has been a significant increase in healthcare spending in the United States. According to the APHA, the sponsor of this weeklong celebration, several research studies indicate that Americans live shorter lives and struggle with various health concerns such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and infant mortality. This campaign aims to make people across the nation understand the importance of living a healthy life and how it can reduce the chances of many health conditions and diseases. Lifestyle modifications integrating physical exercises and healthy diet patterns help prevent many non-communicable diseases, control their effects, reduce the burden of mortality, morbidity and disability, and improve overall quality of life.

Since 1995, APHA has made significant efforts to bring together communities across the US to observe NPHW in April. The event will be celebrated across the nation at hospitals, multi-specialty healthcare centers, rehabilitation facilities, and other institutions, which will host a series of events including health fairs, exhibitions, and discussions about health and wellness.

Join this celebration and be a part of creating the Healthiest Nation!

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