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Weight Loss Has a Positive Effect on Back Pain Treatment Outcomes

Back pain TreatmentLow back pain is a common disorder that most people experience at least once during their life time. Often, this condition is caused by poor posture, overuse of muscles and strain or muscle injury. Staying active or a high level of physical activity will help to manage this condition in a better manner. Obesity is a major risk factor for this disorder and research shows that obesity not only increases the risk of lumbar disc herniation and aches in the lower back, but also slows down the effectiveness of back pain treatment.

Overweight people may not be able to receive the full benefits of spinal treatments. When the spine is loaded with additional weight, it may reduce the space between the spinal discs thereby compressing the surrounding nerves. A 2008 study published in the journal Spine highlights how weight loss significantly impacts the treatment outcomes for back aches. As part of the study, a group of orthopedists evaluated 30 obese people who had recently undergone a weight loss surgery. They analyzed the intensity of aches as patients shed their weight. As BMI levels reduced, the space between the discs in the lumbar spine expanded thereby reducing the overall pain.

The study results emphasize the fact that the relationship between low back pain and obesity is inseparable. Losing weight will not only prevent severe pain but also improve treatment results thereby creating a better quality of life. However, losing excess weight is not an easy task especially for older people who suffer from severe back disorders which makes even walking difficult for them.

Even though bariatric surgery is regarded as a logical step towards achieving relief from this condition, there are other ways through which one can achieve this objective as well. Following a healthy lifestyle combined with appropriate exercise and dietary changes may help in better pain management. A high level of physical activity helps to strengthen the muscles and increase flexibility. It is essential for people to follow a good fitness regime suiting their individual health conditions; at the same time, they should not overdo the same.

Physical therapy exercises help patients improve their spinal functioning and thereby enhance its strength. These programs include strengthening, stretching and isometric exercises that enable patients to get back to the normal course of activities. Moreover, making minor changes in the lifestyle and maintaining those will also help. Analyze the ingredients in your diet that might be adding to your weight gain and make changes accordingly.

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