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Lower Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes with Both Diet and Exercise

Type 2 DiabetesCurrently, millions of adults suffer from both diagnosed and unrecognized insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes. Reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that nearly 29.1 million people or 9.3% of the US population suffers from this disease. It is estimated that about 86 million adults or one third of the population have pre-diabetes (blood sugar levels higher than normal). Although, the disease is generally preventable with healthy lifestyle habits, many immutable factors such as genetics, gender and age can contribute towards an individual’s risk of developing diabetes.

Medical News Today recently reported on a new study by researchers in Saint Louis University which found that combining both diet and physical exercises can significantly reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes. The researchers said that though people generally think about the benefits from exercise, diet and weight loss as being substitutable, these strategies may all offer unique and collective benefits for managing Type 2 diabetes.

The participants in the study included sedentary, overweight, middle-aged men and women. They were divided into three groups, each of which aimed to achieve a 6-8 percent reduction in weight through either exercise, diet, or a combination of both. The participants’ insulin sensitivity levels were recorded in order to analyze potential diabetes risk and to measure how effectively the body used insulin.

It was found that both workouts and calorie restriction had significant positive effects on insulin sensitivity. In addition, the group that combined both strategies showed twice as much improvement in insulin sensitivity than either of the single-approach groups.

The study suggests that both exercise and diet have significant additive beneficial effects on glucoregulation or the steady maintenance of glucose/sugar in the body. So the research indicates that you can stay healthy and ward off the risk of Type 2 diabetes by exercising and eating the right type and amount of food.

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