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Celebrate National Family Health and Fitness Day

National Family Health & Fitness DaySeptember 26, 2015 is celebrated as “Family Health and Fitness Day” in the United States. In its 19th year, this annual health and fitness event aims to encourage family involvement in physical activity. It is a strong platform for people to get active and understand the important role that physical activity plays in promoting the health, well-being and overall quality of life of all members in the family. Families across the country will celebrate the day with fun and healthy outdoor activities and lifestyle choices.

Physical exercise should be made a routine just as brushing your teeth or any other activity you do for your body every day. People who are not active enough or do not take steps to maintain a healthy weight are at risk of disease. Childhood obesity is a major problem in the United States. The responsibility of making healthy lifestyle choices starts with parents. Every action regarding physical health that parents take is a lesson for their children. Making the right choices in the areas of physical fitness, work, relationships, and nutrition and acting on those choices will promote family health and well being.

Here are a few activities that you and your family can do to start off on the path to a healthier lifestyle:

  • Encourage children to play outdoor games that involve being physically active
  • Restrict sedentary activities such as time spent watching TV
  • Take a walk whenever you can such as walking after dinner, walking to school or walking to the local store
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Make time to go trekking, swimming or biking together
  • Enroll in a weight loss program if necessary

It is also important to make sure your family has healthy, fresh meals that include vegetables, grains and lean proteins. Proper sleep is also very important to well-being. So make sure that you and your family get the recommended hours of sleep and rest.

As part of this campaign, local organizations across the country will host a series of family-related health and fitness events such as health screenings, open houses, walking events, low-impact exercises, games and health information workshops at schools, healthcare centers, hospitals, park districts, shopping malls, health clubs and other community locations.

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