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How Foot Levelers Orthotics Improve Performance, Health and Quality of Life

Foot Levelers OrthoticsSpinal balance and correct posture are two very important factors for good physical and mental health. Poor balance increases the risk of falls in older adults and can also affect sports performance in younger people. The solution lies in orthotics. Added inside footwear, these inserts support the foot’s natural structure. In multispecialty health care centers, physicians recommend Foot Levelers orthotics for improving posture and balance, enhancing performance in sports, stand-up work environments, and outdoor activities.

Foot Levelers for Proper Arch Support

Described as the most important structural feature of your feet, the arch bears the stress of the pressure that the body puts on your feet as you walk, run, play sports and engage in other activities. Arch height varies from person to person, and can change with age and also due to certain medical conditions. For instance, people with rheumatoid arthritis may develop a flattened arch over time. Supporting the arch can help prevent musculoskeletal problems that can affect mobility and cause joint pain.

Orthotics are devices designed to support the feet and prevent pain and disability. Foot Levelers orthotics are in a class of their own as, unlike other orthotic devices, they come with a three-arch advantage. They support all three arches of the foot – the Medial Longitudinal Arch, Lateral Longitudinal Arch and Transverse Arch. By providing orthotic reinforcement for all the arches, Foot Levelers prevent stress and ensure a solid foundation for your body.

Digital Imaging to Design Custom Orthotics

Getting a custom orthotic is necessary. Accurate measurements of the feet are taken using 3D imaging device and the orthotic is then customized to align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically comfortable position. This will improve foot movement, balance and mobility.

A New York healthcare center that specializes in treating musculoskeletal issues can provide you with custom orthotics. Along with a treatment plan that includes a variety of proven non-invasive options, Foot Levelers orthotics can help deal with a variety of medical conditions such as low back pain, hip pain, knee pain and neck pain, as well as bunions, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.

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