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Gabby Reece Pushes for Alternative Pain Management after Knee Replacement Surgery

Gabby Reece opted for Alternative Pain Management after SurgeryOverdose from prescription opioid pain relievers is a major problem in the United States and other countries across the world. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 78 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. A type of narcotic pain medication that reduces the perception of pain works by directly targeting the nervous system, opioids are prescribed for long-term pain management and pain following surgery.

According to a recent study by researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine, patients who had knee surgery had the largest risk of becoming addicted to opioids than nonsurgical patients. US News reported on a new survey in which 1 in 10 orthopedic and soft tissue surgery patients in the U.S. said they became addicted or dependent on opioids after their operations.

With such reports, it’s hardly surprising that America’s top volley ball player Gabby Reece made headlines when she revealed that she opted for alternative pain management in place of opioids after her knee replacement surgery. A health and fitness writer, Reece was determined to avoid narcotics as she was well aware that, with their goals of achieving a speedy recovery, professional athletes have a high risk of substance abuse. She endured a lot of pain during her rehab, but refused to give in to opioids. Her healing is progressing with non-pharmaceutical pain management modalities such as ice packs, physical therapy and other treatments.

For patients who are inspired by Reece’s experience, alternative pain management options for sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions are available in leading Brooklyn health care centers. In a professional rehabilitation center, they can expect customized treatment incorporating a wide range of opiate-free protocols such as physical therapy, hyaluronic acid injections, electrotherapy, chiropractic care, massage, specialized exercise programs, and more.

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