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Learn More about Common Winter-related Injuries

Winter Related InjuriesPain management and physical therapy centers in Brooklyn, New York City are getting prepared for any incidents that might occur in this holiday season. Slip and fall prevention programs are already in place.

It’s winter time. The Christmas holiday season beckons. Kids and adults have begun daydreaming about skiing through white slopes, skating on ice rinks, building snowmen, and gorging up on turkey. Though the mood is one of joyous anticipation, it is important to remember and remain prepared for possible accidents or injuries that could occur during the season. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Danger on the Streets

Toronto’s public health officials have urged city officials to improve sidewalk safety to prevent injuries that could occur on the city’s snowy streets. They say it would not only reduce the number of accidents caused by slip and fall, but also reduce the liability costs arising from legal claims.

To make matters worse, researchers in Toronto have also come to the conclusion that the winter boots available in the market are not effective enough to prevent slips and falls. They just don’t offer the required grip. That means you need to be extra careful.

Injuries Likely to Occur in Winter

Among the common winter injuries that cause personal injury are falling on snow or ice while walking, running or skiing. Shoveling snow can also cause muscle strain, while driving on snowy roads can lead to collisions. If you take part in winter sports such as hockey or downhill skiing, you have a chance of incurring musculoskeletal injuries through falls.

When shoveling snow, make sure you take breaks in between. This will refresh your body and avoid straining it too much. Once you’ve gathered the snow on your shovel, push the snow aside rather than twisting or stretching your body to hurl the snow somewhere far. Make sure you drive cautiously without picking up too much speed. Sudden braking could cause tires to skid, making the entire vehicle slide out of control. It is important to maintain safe braking distance from the vehicle ahead. Maintain caution in any outdoor activity you participate in during winter.

Not all winter accidents cause serious injury. Severe injuries could include neurological conditions such as brain injury or even death. Some accidents cause mild, moderate or severe musculoskeletal issues. Mild injuries could include sprains and bruises. Sometimes a winter injury could aggravate a previous injury or health condition. Regardless of the type of injury, you should never ignore it.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are probably two of the most likely causes of injury during winter. But you don’t need the slopes of any ski resort to have a dangerous fall over snow or ice. The innocent looking sidewalk could be enough to wreak havoc. Ice is sometimes quite hard to spot. You wouldn’t know there is ice on the pavement till you actually step on it.

In the case of falls, the extent of the injury would depend upon the part of the body that comes into contact with the hard ice and other surfaces next to it, and the force of the impact. The severest injury that could occur is a head injury. Treatment involves neurological intervention including surgery. The next in severity are fractures of the hip and wrist that require musculoskeletal care, and could also include surgery. The least in severe are strains, twists and sprains of the ankle and wrist, for which effective non-surgical treatments are available.

Advanced pain management, physical therapy and rehabilitation centers in Brooklyn, New York City offer comprehensive care for winter injuries. They also provide slip and fall prevention programs to improve balance, stability and gait and reduce the risk of winter-related slips and trips.

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