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Quality Holistic Services available at HealthQuest

Quality Holistic ServicesA holistic rehab approach involves treating the whole person physically, mentally, and spiritually to achieve wellness through natural means. Holistic treatment for addiction has gained popularity for its multi-faceted rehabilitation approach. Leading NY rehab centers such as HealthQuest provide an array of holistic non-drug therapies that address not only health conditions and smoking addiction but also enhance the individual’s well-being.

An established multispecialty healthcare center based in Brooklyn, HealthQuest’s comprehensive suite of holistic services includes:

  • Mind-Body Therapies – Mind-body therapies use various approaches such as meditation, and relaxation techniques to alleviate discomfort related to chronic pain. These include advanced auriculotherapy or auricular therapy that can provide good results for weight loss and smoking cessation. The therapy involves the application of very light electrical stimulation to precise points on the external ear.
    • Smoking Cessation – Auricular therapy can address both the physiological and psychological aspects of nicotine addiction. Electrical stimulation of the surface of ear reflex points releases naturally occurring substances called endorphins which help to reduce nicotine cravings. A permanent solution to nicotine cravings, the treatment is pain-free and drug-free.
    • Weight Loss – Weight loss programs offered by HealthQuest address appetite, the root cause of weight gain. Auricular therapy impacts the digestive and hormonal systems of the body. It minimizes the cravings and controls the appetite, thereby helping people lose weight.
  • Massage – Massage therapy improves blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, and increases endorphin levels. It is incorporated into addiction treatment at the withdrawal, detoxification or abstinence phase.
  • Physical therapy Physical therapists at HealthQuest treat patients of all ages with pain, mobility problems, medical issues, and more. Targeted exercises and other non-drug strategies used to help patients recover from musculoskeletal ailments and restore function, reduce pain, and enhance mobility.
  • Chiropractic care – Chiropractic treatment involves using manual techniques to correct misaligned vertebrae, which provides relief from pain due to various musculoskeletal conditions. HealthQuest offers chiropractic care for sports injuries, accidents, falls and work related injuries.
  • Lifestyle changes – Patient education on maintaining a healthy lifestyle after the holistic treatment is also important. Incorporating a nutritional diet and exercise into daily life can improve health and help in the treatment of various medical conditions. Patient education is an important component of disease management and lifestyle modifications.

At this professional healthcare center, experienced medical specialists work with patients to successfully implement holistic care plans for comprehensive health promotion and disease prevention.

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